fandf summerOur roots date back to 1986 when the idea of a local restaurant guide was born. One thing that hasn’t changed through time is our passion to informing readers about the many options of where to get the best dining and food experience.

Just like the community we live in, our growth has been steady. Last year as we celebrated our 30th Anniversary we reached yet another milestone in our growing multi-media platform: through Fork & Fun magazine, our website and mobile app we inform an audience of 1 million visitors, second home owners and residents per year!

The Lowcountry is home to hundreds of great restaurants, ranging from secret hideaways, trendy spots to delightful high-end choices. You can enjoy regional fare such as local seafood and farm-to-table restaurants, southern food and international cuisine from all corners of the world: American, French, German, Italian, Mediterranean, Brazilian, Greek, Japanese, Asian, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine right here in our paradise.

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