programming3 thMeet irma:
irma is young at heart
Up to speed on technology, end consumer behavior, marketing data and trends.

irma has been around the block
Hundreds of websites, advertising campaigns, logos, trademarks, strategic marketing plans and more.

irma is single-minded
Marketing built for independently owned businesses.

irma does it all
Devises and executes all aspects of a successful, integrated marketing plan

irma is tireless
What IRMA is working 24 hours a day on is building relationships with your customers, marketing to your customers, connecting with your customers, etc.

irma’s lips are sealed
Your proprietary information will never be shared.

irma knows what works
By constantly comparing real results, we know what works and what doesn’t.

irma is frugal
Spending as little as possible to achieve your marketing goals

irma is looking for a new relationship
Wants to be your marketing partner

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